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What ESL Specialists, Teachers and SLPs Need To Know About Language Augmentation 

(A live webinar)

Speaker Summary:

Deborah Jill Chitester received her Masters of Science in Speech-Language Pathology from Adelphi University in New York and was granted her Certificate of Clinical Competence (C.C.C) by the American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA). She has 12+ years experience working with all age levels both mono-lingual and Spanish speaking, having received special certification by the State of New York as a Bilingual (English/Spanish) Speech-Language Pathologist. Deborah has worked with all age levels and all disabilities, both private patients as well as with major school systems and corporations, and she currently[nbsp]treats both monolingual and Spanish speaking clients of all ages and disabilities, utilizing some of the latest computer based treatment specifically designed to promote optimal language development. Due to the use of her “linguistic features” approach, her client mix is increasingly more culturally linguistically diverse encompassing those representing almost all backgrounds including Asians, Arabs, Pakistani , etc. Deborah is an advocate of “highest quality service provider” having given many speaking engagements at parent/special interest support groups to inform and educate parents regarding appropriate educational practices for second language learners. Additionally, she offers her services as a Bilingual/Monolingual Independent Educational Evaluator..



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It is important to know when and if an English Language Learner is struggling or is disordered in language. All of us are implicated in this investigative, comprehensive process. Augmentative processes aid here because they add to what the child already has and do not seek to label the child disordered in order to accomplish this.

Learner Outcomes:



Participant will be able to:

Identify when you need to think of therapy versus an augmentative device strategy when working with ELLs
Identify which strategies are appropriate for the clinical-educational situation in which you find yourself
Define what language augmentation accomplished versus speech therapy or another type of therapeutic intervention






Time Ordered Agenda:

30 minutes       Why language augmentation works
30 minutes       What does a model look like
30 minutes       Differentiated instruction, systematic phonics and core vocabulary development: what do they look like?
60 minutes       Examples of how this works and case examples of success stories when used



Occupational Therapists, Therapy Assistants


Offered for .15 AOTA CEU's. The assignment of AOTA CEU’s does not
imply endorsement of specific workshop content, products or clinical procedures by AOTA.

Connecticut, Pennsylvania, illinois and texas Educators

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Offered for 1.5 Contact/Clock Hours.

Certificate of Completion available for CT, PA entities


National Association of School Psychologists

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Offered for 1.5 Contact/Clock Hours.

Participants are expected to attend entire program
in order to receive recognition for the program’s Contact/CEU hours.


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